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Our Solutions

Succeeding in the complex and challenging world of microfinancing requires a variety of specialized skills and resources. Primary’s end-to-end MLOC solutions are flexible, customizable and simple to implement, allowing financial institutions of any size and scope to easily supplement existing resources to support an MLOC program.

Want to create new revenue streams from existing customers?

Need to increase pre-paid debit card program sales?

Want to increase account retention and monthly revenue yields and reduce cardholder acquisition costs for pre-paid card programs?

Primary’s supported MLOC programs can help you achieve a wide range of economic and market position objectives. In fact, our proprietary processing platform was the first MLOC product offered on a pre-paid debit card program.

As the demand for simpler, more affordable ways to access credit increases, Primary and its team of dedicated professionals delivers. Choose the credit solution that works best for your financial institution. Then let Primary provide the processing, support, and portfolio analytics for your MLOC program.