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About Primary credit services.

About Us

Primary Innovations TechAm Winner 2010

Primary is a leader in supporting innovative credit solutions offered by financial institutions. Our proprietary and state-of-the-art technology platform allows financial institutions to provide their customers with MLOCs loaded on pre-paid debit cards, payroll cards and DDA accounts. Since 2006, Primary’s platform has processed more than 2 million MLOC transactions. With Primary, lenders are able to provide small value credit solutions to unbanked and underbanked consumers in the United States, quickly and easily.

Part of Cash America International, Inc. (NYSE: CSH), a specialty finance group with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion, Primary is highly experienced in regulatory complexities and technical challenges that face financial institutions’ offering of MLOC products.

Through advanced proprietary technologies, diverse financial partnerships and extensive experience in supporting credit services to the unbanked and underbanked, Primary delivers strength and innovation to the world of microfinancing. Primary’s unique modular approach allows financial institutions of any size or scope to choose from a suite of credit services that best meets their needs.

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